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The current template is too rigid, if we modify one part of the page, it affects the entire main structure. I suggest giving the PAGE_CONTAINER template more flexibility, simply by dividing it into three blocks.

<div class="p-pageWrapper" id="top">
    <xf:include template="PAGE_WRAPPER_HEADER" />
    <xf:include template="PAGE_WRAPPER_BODY" />
    <xf:include template="PAGE_WRAPPER_FOOTER" />
</div> <!-- closing p-pageWrapper -->

staffBar, navbar, sectionLinks, offCanvasMenu and menu macros, would go inside PAGE_WRAPPER_HEADER. Body and breadcrumbs macros would go inside PAGE_WRAPPER_BODY. The Footer block would go inside PAGE_WRAPPER_FOOTER.

Also I suggest adding another template inside PAGE_WRAPPER HEADER that contains the content of p-nav-opposite.

<div class="p-nav-opposite">
    <xf:include template="p_nav_opposite_content" />

With these simple changes we can customize, update or reverse zones, without affecting the entire main structure. Obviously this can be done manually, the idea is that PAGE_CONTAINER is more flexible by default.
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