Modifying link styles

Ryan Kent

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The default style for my site is brown. It works great except that when reading threads it is very hard to distinguish links from normal text. I tried to adjust by varying the shades of brown but that didn't work. Next I tried making the text bold which worked perfect, but then I realized that read threads use the same property so using bold just made all threads appear as unread.

So my question do I change the link property of text that appears within a post but not affect links which appear other places such as the thread title list of the forums?

The property I am modifying is in the ACP > Appearance > Style Properties > Message-Elements > User-Generated Link, the first field which is labeled Text.


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That is the correct style property and works on the default style.

I expect this will be another anomaly related to the style you are using.
Try asking the author of the style.

Ryan Kent

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I verified and you are absolutely correct. Sorry, I didn't realize the issue was specific to my style.