XF 2.1 Modifying Links at bottom of page


I apologize!

I hate posting questions that (a) I should know the answer to and (b) I probably asked once before about 1.5 years go. However, I've spent well over an hour looking for the answer in the admin section of our forum without finding the answer. I then searched here for an answer, again with no luck. I suspect I'm using the wrong search phrase. I thought this was called the mobile nav bar but maybe not. I even searched my own history here, to no avail.

Our forum is running really well and everything is fine. I just want to add one more link in my "Helpful links" section:


I modified that section 1.5 years ago when I installed XF but, for the life of me, I cannot locate where I made the modifications. I've searched widgets, templates, etc.

Any guidance will be gratefully accepted!

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