Fixed  Moderators don't have permission to see IPs, but it get listed in Spam Cleaner


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There is no way to prevent that currently.
I will speak to Mike and check whether it can be factored into the permissions system.


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Hello, I have upgraded to Beta4 and denied the permission to view IPs for Moderators group but the registration and confirmation IPs still appear in the spam cleaner.


Yep, I agree. I don't want them to see any IP anywhere. That's a job for admins.


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This is fixed for the next release.
This is not really fixed, I'm on RC1 now. I set "Deny" for "View IP addresses" option but it doesn't work, mod and custom admin users are able to see IPs EVERYWHERE. I'm looking forward for a real fix asap, thanks.


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Your issue is not related to this, as it only applies to the spam cleaner.