XF 1.4 Moderators don't see ban & spam options for all users


I have a bit of an odd problem on our XF site. I have given moderators and super moderators the permissions to mark as spam or ban any user. However, from the drop-down action/moderation menu on the user profile page, (super) moderators do not always have the spam/ban entries. There is no rhyme/reason to it that I can see, some users have that option shown and others don't. Brand new users, old users, users with posts, users without posts - it's very hit or miss.

However, if my moderators manually go to the spam URL at /spam-cleaner/USERIDNUMBER/?noredirect=1 with the user id in question, they are able to fully execute the spam/ban procedure - it's just not an option in the drop-down menu on the user profile. When I "test user permissions" as one of the moderators, I too see the same problem (no option to ban/spam). But when browsing the user profiles in question as the forum administrator, I see the ban/spam options at all times and for all profiles.

How come my moderators have permission to ban/spam (as demonstrated by using that URL directly) but do not always see this option in the drop-down menu?

Many thanks.
There are no add ons installed, and this is with the XenDisconnect theme. I can have them try using that theme when the issue occurs, but as it is inconsistent and sometimes shows and sometimes doesn't I don't think the theme is to blame?


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If there are no add-ons installed and the templates are unedited (default), I can't think of a reason why the link wouldn't be available on profile pages but the direct link would be.

It's permission (and criteria) based so if they can access the URL, the link should show.


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I just realised mine was missing too and that I had edited the criteria to show it, so ensure you check that as @Brogan mentioned above.

Check your Options > Spam Management and configure the options. Mine are set to 0 / 0 / 0 which will always show it.

Moderators and Administrators do NOT show (at least for me unless there is an option) a spam button on their posts.


Thanks for your reply, @Zynaphix
I don't think that's the case (though I'm not entirely certain) as there were users for whom I (the admin) could see the ban/spam option and the moderators could not see ban or spam for these same users. But thanks for bringing that section to my attention.


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Unless there is an add-on that is modifying how it works then setting them all to 0 SHOULD allow it to show for all users (minus mod/admin at least for me) and if you set it to have other values, it should not show until the user meets that criteria.

If it is not showing then I am unsure what the issue is. On the actual moderator bit where you add them (not the normal usergroup permissions) they do have it set there?


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All your values in the screenshot are set to 0? If they have anything set, it will not show for users until they meet that criteria.
No, I had values for those. But a) I (the admin) still had the ban option for these users and b) that screenshot should only apply for spam, not ban. The ban option should always be available, no?

This is what our moderator saw:

Ah, that would actually explain it then. No spam because of the registration date combined with no ban because they're moderators?
Super Moderators can't ban either?


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The Spam Cleaner is only shown on a sub-set of users (depending on criteria defined in the ACP). You could add a warning that sets X amount of points which in turn triggers a warning action. Moderators do not have direct ban access.
The above is a quote from @Jeremy


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No worries, it confused me at first having used other software before. Ideally you'll want to use warnings and allow them to use the spam cleaner but you should be careful with how you want to handle them deleting things too. I restrict hard-delete on multiple things for the moderators.