Lack of interest spam options to delete users.. stop links (started to get bots registering)


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Personally, I think this is a must for core Xenforo

Bots have started to register on my forum

As a forum type such as Xenforo become successful, it undoubtedly becomes a target for automated spammers.

One "class" of spammer is often quite hard to detect, since all they do is sign up and add a "home page". If they target hundreds of thousands of Xenforo forums, this they think, is a clever way of building up page rank without being detected (default xf is nofollow, bots.. why why why try!)

Thankfully, Xenforo has a great spam cleaning tool but it doesn't delete the user (so they still have a "home page")

I would like

1) Using the spam cleaner in Core: To have an option to delete the user
2) Using group privileges: To prevent users from adding a home page (or displaying it publicly) until a certain number of posts have been achieved.

This would really grind this type of spammer to a halt (and stop XF being a target for this type of "spam" )


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The entire manual registration and member management need major additions and upgrades.

I do manual activation, and often have 20-30+ new members per day. It's tedious to go through each one and then have to click through various screens to see their IP and then back to choose an action, etc.....

It would be really nice to have it presented in other various ways - spreadsheet like - so you could look down the column immediately and take actions- it could even pull in IP country and SFS info to this line-by-line listing.

I had created something similar for my old forum and it worked wonders. It took just a few seconds per member.....

I can detail further if the developers or an add-on developer has interest in implementing something like this.