XF 2.0 Moderator queue being reported as empty due to Never permission


Some of our moderators are not being shown items in the moderator queue. They get the message "There is no content currently awaiting approval. " when they attempt to look at the queue. We confirmed that there are pending items in the queue by looking at the database table.

This seems to be related to moderator permissions. Moderators that have every possible moderator permission turned on are affected.

We created a test moderator account and only gave approve / reject users and that account was able to see items in the queue. We then turned on all moderator permissions for that account and the queue displayed as empty.

We have tracked this issue to being caused by the moderator being a member of all of our defined user groups.

If the moderator is not a member of any of our user groups then things work properly. If they are assigned to all user groups then the queue displays as empty.
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There is a guest group that has a bunch of "Nevers". All other groups use only Yes and No.

Note: I did not create the groups and do not understand their intended use...