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Does XenForo have a ModCP? I looked in the demo but didnt see one. Also what are "Trophies" and can you change your thread title once it's been posted? Because I cant seem to do it here.


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They're simply a way to reward users for posting.

The Trophies system rewards members with virtual trophies and points for meeting certain criteria. It is also linked to the user title ladder, replacing the more traditional post count method.


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Nothing, except a warm fuzzy feeling of those receiving them. Also, by default they control the titles you have.


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Yes i see, but what are they actually for?
Trophies can be awarded based on an accumulation of certain actions. E.g., creating X number of posts results in a trophy, receiving X number of likes results in a trophy, etc. You can define the parameters in the ACP.

Presently, only administrators can change thread titles. However, there's a plugin (paid) that allows users to do this.

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It's also fair to note that you can give anyone access to the Admin CP by making them an Administrator, but on the forum they can retain their normal Moderator only permissions.

I've got about 5 moderators at my board which are, on the forum, simply moderators, yet I have given them access to the Admin CP by giving them "User Management" permissions.

So, when they log in to the Admin CP all they can see is user management functions.