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We just moved over from vBulletin 4 to Xenforo 1.5. Almost immediately we received a note from Google Search Console, complaining that pages have the following two issues:

Viewport not set
Your page does not define a viewport property, which tells browsers how to adjust the page’s dimension and scaling to suit the screen size. Because visitors to your site use a variety of devices with varying screen sizes—from large desktop monitors, to tablets and small smartphones—your pages should specify a viewport using the meta viewport tag. Learn more in Responsive Web Design Basics.

Text too small to read
This report identifies pages where the font size for the page is too small to be legible and would require mobile visitors to “pinch to zoom” in order to read. After specifying a viewport for your web pages, set your font sizes to scale properly within the viewport. Read more about font size best practices in Use Legible Font Sizes.

The link that was complained about is a page link within a thread.

I can't find info on either of these issue relating to Xenforo. Is this a common complaint or something unique to our site?
This would very likely be something unique to your site, and I think the second problem is really from the first.

I'm not clear what site this is, so we'd really need to see a URL.
Thanks, @Mike . This was the exact URL Google complained about.

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