XF 2.1 New Mobile Usability issues detected for site using default style


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My community uses default XenForo style. I keep getting emails from Google webmaster to fix this.

Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 Mobile Usability issues:

Top Issues

The following issues were found on your site:
  • Content wider than screen
  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Text too small to read
We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search.

There is no progress to make. 99% of the time it is false positives, simply clicking on the link that says the issues are fixed will result in the site being reported as okay.
Yo también me encontré con el mismo problema, las paginas contenían todas código, asi que añadí antes de la etiqueta código la etiqueta spolier.

Ahora el código queda integrado dentro del spolier y ya no muestra problemas la Search Console.

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I also encountered the same problem, the pages contained all code, so I added the spolier tag before the code tag.

Now the code is integrated into the spolier and the Search Console no longer shows problems
There are no addons running apart from the official Xen media library which has also not been tampered with. Only thing that has been changed is colours. Nothing that would make Google say the text was too small or buttons too close together.
Didn't fix it on any of my sites.
As I previously stated, we had this problem a few weeks ago and it ended up being a problem with our footer text. I can pretty much guarantee you nothing is wrong with XF. Nobody is posting websites to look at, so I see no point in this thread or futher responses. "All my sites," could be anything.
Here's a shot of a forum that fails. As you can see, nothing spectacular about the layout or font sizes.
Why all the secrecy? Post a link to your site. As I said, had the same issue on my site a few weeks ago, and it ended up being a problem with text in our footer. I removed the text and now all is well with Google. You can pretty much rest assured the problem is on your end or an isolated issue with Google, they sell too many licenses for the software for something like this to go unreported.
Ah ok, thought you wanted to see it . URL is https://www.purediablo.com/forums

Although it passes the mobile usability test on Google. In the SC it fails with the text error mentioned above and also says Clickable elements too close together. When you check the site URL in a google search, it says forums are not mobile friendly. So while there is a contradiction on google's testing, it is having an impact on search results.
Bumping this thread, because this just started to become a problem on my site about a week ago. Same thing with "Text too small to read". I didn't change any templates, so I don't know what the issue is.
Don't change anything. Just mark it as "Fixed" in search console. In a few days, you'll get an email telling you the "fix" has been verified. In another month or two, it will happen again and you do the same thing (i.e., nothing but mark it as fixed) and the whole cycle will repeat itself endlessly.

This is what I have been doing for more than a year now with all my sites and all my client's sites. The fact that it works so reliably makes the whole exercise an annoying joke.

This part of Google's usability checks has always been a royally messed up crappy algorithm.
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