XF 1.5 mixed up user-selected language in frontend


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we have an issue lately with posts and user-selected languages. Very rarely post-links (edit/delete/report/quote) have a different language then users default (or forum-default). This doesn't affect the whole page, just one post per page (at least we havn't spotted more so far). Screen: 259920_Language.jpg
users language in this case is set to german while 2nd post shows english links while time is still german. Happens the other way too with all languages installed (5). A page-reload solves the issue every time.

Tried several caching settings (XF/php/nginx) including disableing everything that smells like caching but no luck so far, users are still reporting it. Any idea whats going wrong here or what might affect/cause that issue?


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The first step would be to disable all add-ons and test in a completely default unedited style.

It's not something I've heard of before.


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tested already for some time but we where never able to reproduce it on an 1:1 identical testsystem, neither with default/no plugins or with the full set. It happens *very* rarely and it seems not to happen (at least no one spotted it) in a environment where just a few couple of users are active. Live-system has a few hundred users online at once but enough free resources so not caused by some kind of overload.
Initially thought it's cache-related, maybe it's somehow cached from a user viewing that specific post with a different language a moment ago but no luck disabling everything or trying to reproduce it with several users with diff. languages.


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12 months later and users still report it ;( Maybe anyone else noticed it in between and has some new thoughts/hints about it ? ;)