Frontend Language vs. Backend Language


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Hi folks,

I would like to discuss an issue I came across when trying to localize the frontend (what users can see):

When I imagine that we can get a Central Registration System one day in the future, it will be possible to create multilingual communities pretty easy. Even languages we're not that familiar with.

Imho, it would be very helpful, if we (as admins) could decide that we want to localize the frontend while e.g. the administration and moderation backend remains english across all localized sub-sites (additional Xenforo licenses).

Currently it's impossible to differentiate between frontend usage and/or backend usage of phrases, while something like that would be very handy. Also please think of 3 different export/import options:

Export/Import complete language
Export/Import frontend language
Export/Import backend language

I know that there are quite a lot of phrases that are being used in the frontend as well as in the backend. So I might be a bit late with this suggestion ... but it's well worth a discussion, imho.

While you might want to run a german language community section, you're possibly not familiar enough with german language to use it in the Admin Control Panel all the time. :)

What do you guys think?