XF 1.4 Missed Pagination Elements

Hi All

Im using Xenforo 1.4.7 and i have a Problem with the Pagination of Threads with a lot of Posts.
It seems, that the Pagination doesnt work correct.
I think, its a counting Problem:
15-06-2015 19-40-29.png

In this Example, the Element "69" is missed.
Here is another Example:
15-06-2015 20-24-25.png

The funny thing is, i just can open the missed Element by using /page-69 or /page-21 and it shows me the Posts.

In the Admin Control Panel i did the following without success:
- Rebuild Search Index
- Rebuild XML Sitemap
- Rebuild Thread Information
- Rebuild Forum Information
- Rebuild User Caches

Does anyone have an Input for me?

Thanks for every Help!

This looks like a styling issue, but can you provide an example URL where we can see it?
Hey Mike
You got it ;-)

With your Hint i just took a look at the Code and see there, it was a simple calculation Error in page_nav.css on:
width: {xen:calc '(@pageNavLinkWidth * 5) + (@pageNavLinkSpacing * 4) + (@pageNavItem.border-width * 10)'}px;
The Button "22" was directly over the Button "21".

I just changed it to:
width: {xen:calc '(@pageNavLinkWidth * 5) + (@pageNavLinkSpacing * 4) + (@pageNavItem.border-width * 10) + 30'}px;
Now it works perfect :)

Thanks a lot!