Fixed Minor issues with IP.Board 3.4 imports


I just imported my site over to XF beta (Currently doing testing as we plan on returning to XF for 1.2) and while for the most part everything converted over with bbcode and everything looking to be working, we did have some bbcode remain in signatures, perticulary with small fonts in signatures leaving things like,

<p class="bbc_center">, <p> </span></span>

While it poses little issue as its only signatures, its something that would be cool if could be fixed, I'm not sure if its a conscious design decision to not fully remove everything, or if its a bug that not everything is removed. Eitherway, im just gonna post it up incase its something thats easily fixable!


XenForo developer
Staff member
We are lacking in data to be able to fully test this importer - if you wouldn't mind letting us have a copy of your database for testing purposes, I'm sure we could get this sorted out quickly :)


XenForo developer
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This is fixed now (as far as possible) for the next 1.2 release. I found a few other situations where we could convert the HTML to BB code and I'm ensuring that HTML doesn't show up if we fail to complete the parsing.