As designed Minor bug when adding link in the R.T.E?

Hi all, please let me know if I need to add more info, I'm a relative newbie to XenForo : )

We're running 1.4, latest version. I've noticed when adding a hyperlink (with text) using the Rich Text Editor, when you click 'Insert' the previously-highlighted text remains the active selection. This mean that a) if you just start typing, you'll overwrite the hyperlink; and b) if you use your mouse to put the cursor at the end of the hyperlink and then start typing, the new text will be included in the hyperlink instead of being treated as normal text. The only way I've found to avoid this is to use the keyboard arrow key to move over one space after inserting the hyperlink, before starting typing. I tested using the latest stable versions of FF and Chrome, and it happened in both.

Can anyone else reproduce this?
Thanks in advance!


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As it stands for right now, I would say both are as expected.

Most styling functions will maintain your selection after you use them so this is consistent.

In terms of the cursor, it's an ambiguous situation as you could just as equally be "inside" the link but at the end as "outside" it; the cursor position would be identical. We generally leave it to the browser, but for me Chrome will put itself outside the link (FF doesn't tend to).