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Devilwillcry4you submitted a new resource:

Minimal (version 1.0) - A basic white and orange style

Thought I would share my latest theme I just completed. I 'm still learning some things so this is also a basic theme with some extra edits.
Just make sure you upload the the folder Minimal to the styles/default and should be good to go. Everything needed is in the zap as well.

Here are some extra screen shots for better viewing.

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This is a free theme but donations are always...

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I submitted the theme to Colorize , so hoping that goes through.
It is fixed but can be edited to be fluid, nothing should break the style.


Hi Devil! I was wondering if there will be an updated version of this theme for the newest Xenforo. I have used it since you uploaded it and tweaked a few things here and there to make it exactly how I wanted :). But with Xenforo 1.2.0 it pops up compatibility errors. I don't see anything really missing on the client side of the site though so might not be a big deal. Just a heads up :).