Browser issue Minefield Compatibility


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Oh dear. That's what I get for running testing builds. Looks like yesterday's minefield build was buggy - today's works fine!

Disregard this thread :p

Strangely, all clickable links and image resizing (click to see full image) seem to be broken in Minefield, the Firefox nightly testing builds. I'd imagine it's just xen sniffing the user agent and not detecting it as firefox for some reason, because Firefox 4 Beta 8 seems to work fine. Strangely, ajax calls and the dropdowns on the nav toolbar ARE working.

Here's the user agent for the version of Minefield where it isn't working:
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:2.0b9pre) Gecko/20110106 Firefox/4.0b9pre

Here's a link that I'm not able to click using this version of Minefield:


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I'm not sure it's worth reporting bugs for a browser which is still in development.

There's little point in trying to accommodate them as the software will undoubtedly change as it progresses through the development cycle.


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You sir, are extremely fast at replying to threads.
It's what he does. He sits in wait, feverishly striking F5 over and over, a single bead of sweat running down his temple until - EUREKA!! - a post! Quickly he rummages through his encyclopedic knowledge of all things XenForo. Not finding a duplicate topic, he leaps into action and posts!

His mission complete, he breathes a sigh of relief...he hits F5 and the cycle begins anew.