XF 1.2 Migrating Servers + phpBB3 Import

I currently have a phpBB forum and two servers, one of which I'm going to be moving to momentarily. Just to make things simpler on my part, is it suggested that I move my site to the new server first, upload the phpBB3 database (it's small, just a couple of MB at the moment), and THEN install/import xenForo?

Also, if that's the order I should handle things, do I need anything besides my old database? I don't need to upload any files from phpBB3, do I?


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That's what I'd do. Make sure to move all your phpbb files as well, in case you need them. Shouldn't be too large neither.

Jake Bunce

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You need the attachments and avatars from the file system.

While you can do a server move + import in one motion, I only recommend combining the two if you are practiced with both. Things can go wrong with a move as well as with an import. It is sometimes best to move first, let it settle in, make sure everything is working, then do an import.


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You need to enter the path to the avatars when configuring the importer.
This needs to be on the same server.