Add-on Message User Info box - drop-down?


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d0b4c9680c39e70589d8a07938a7d880.png Hi,

The Message User Info box, in the sidebar, has a bit of information besides the avatar. When people write small posts, it's leaving a big empty space. Is there an addon, or a hack to frame this box into a drop-down? It would open upon "hover" and/or click. That way it would not force a big space and cause more pages than necessary to be created and scrolled.

Many thanks!

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Hi Russ, I'm stuck again... can you help me?

I spent hours editing the style and after all that, I happen to hover over my user info box and I see this:

1- the box has transparency, and a background is missing. I think the only bg I touched was the Primary Content bg. I don't know... the whole box is off now.




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The menus by default are controlled by primary content(background-color), I see a lot of users put on transparency onto the primary/secondary content which I wouldn't recommend. It's called throughout the style far too much.