XF 1.5 Postbit/User info Query: Group and Member No.

Hello XenForo,

I want to edit the message user info area to add in new fields. I figured out custom user fields, but I want to display two things in the user block part: 'Group' and 'Member No.'.

E.g. where the green arrow (above) is situated, it would read as follows.
Member No.:
Thank you in advance for any help.

Edit: sort of like this, but the group and member no. would automatically be detected (I just wrote in plain text the words group and member no.).

Edit 2: I figured out member no.! In my message_user_info template I added a new phrase for Member No. and the code:
                <dl class="pairsJustified">
                    <dt>{xen:phrase member_number}:</dt>
Still can't find the $usergroup value :(
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All I need to know is what value to put in my template to display Group name.
Example: {$user.user_id} displays the User's ID.
{$user.user_group_id} displays the Usergroup's ID.

What is the equivalent for Usergroup name?