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  1. [xFv]

    [xFv] - Online Markers - XF1 1.0.0

    <xFv> Online Markers 1.0.0 _______________________________________________- <xFv> Online Markers off a Variety of Online Markers to choose from... Online Markers Include: ________________________________ - Disable Online Marker - Use XF default Online Marker - Animated V.1 Online Marker (Round...
  2. Hizen

    XF 1.5 Postbit/User info Query: Group and Member No.

    Hello XenForo, I want to edit the message user info area to add in new fields. I figured out custom user fields, but I want to display two things in the user block part: 'Group' and 'Member No.'. E.g. where the green arrow (above) is situated, it would read as follows. Joined: Posts: From...