user information


    Displaying extra info from my own MySQL database on user post

    I am running Xenforo on my PHP website which has its own database tables, and I'd like to be able to display information from these tables for each user when they post. Example of what I want to achieve: Please note that the info would need to come from database tables outside of Xenforo...
  2. creativeforge

    Add-on Message User Info box - drop-down?

    Hi, The Message User Info box, in the sidebar, has a bit of information besides the avatar. When people write small posts, it's leaving a big empty space. Is there an addon, or a hack to frame this box into a drop-down? It would open upon "hover" and/or click. That way it would not force a big...
  3. Jonathan

    [Suggestion] Like:Post Ratio?

    It'd give users a better idea rather than giving the no. of posts/likes. Put it somewhere discrete like in the profile though, it's not especially important. Just an idea.