Merging 2 XF's


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So what happened is MyWebsite and Another Gaming website are Merging into one but we want to keep both Forums, but allow our users to register on either and be able to use that login on both websites. But have the Forums be different.

I'm not sure if i just link the other websites MYSQL to My MYSQL Database that would accomplish the task of Having one Database but would that affect the other forum at all? or is the Forum Data, and Posts ECT stored outside the MYSQL Database.

Last Question, is there any way to bridge the logins so you login to one site and it logs you into both?

Jake Bunce

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Integrating two separate forums to share user accounts is no small task. It requires custom programming.

The easier solution is to combine both forums through an import. That way they exist as a single installation of XF with only one user database. The different forum topics from the original web sites can exist as separate categories within the same installation.