XF 1.5 Merge two forums together

I'm having a few issues in merging two xenforo sites into one. I'm doing this on my test site and I can't get past the first screen on the merge.


I keep getting an error saying: The table prefix or database name is not correct. I input my database and username in all the different ways but I keep getting that error or this error: The source database connection details are not correct: Access denied for user '**_**'@'localhost' to database '**'

Is there some kind of special prefix name that I'm supposed to be using? I've made sure the user and database can be accessed and have all privileges.

My other question, when it asks for Data and Internal Data Directory, is this asking for the path of files that are coming from the site that will be merging into mine or the files from my site?


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There are 2 different errors there. If you're getting access denied, that's definitely incorrect MySQL connection details. If you're getting an indication that the prefix/DB name is incorrect, with XF, that indicates that the DB doesn't have the XenForo tables (we check for xf_user specifically). If you've done a dump and import to bring the data over, perhaps the dump is incomplete?

The paths to the data and internal_data directories refer to the paths for the data from the source site (the data to be imported).
I'm double checking the dump data. Just so I'm doing this right, what exactly is the prefix?

Is it the name I gave the database (i.e. game_db) or something in the db tables itself?


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If you're importing from XenForo, you can ignore the "prefix" part of the error as we don't have a customizable table prefix.

That error is telling you that connection appears to be valid, but when we tried to select a value from the xf_user table (running
SELECT user_id FROM xf_user LIMIT 1; ), we got an error.