@Mentions @Notices @ Users Tagging - No Alerts - FIXED / SOLVED


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@Mentions @Notices @ Users ????

I love this feature, but I have no idea what the proper term is for it. Also, it's not like I can search xF for "@" symbol to try to figure it out. :D

A few questions about this feature:
  1. What the heck is it officially called?
  2. Is there any documentation on it?
  3. When a user does @Brogan or any other username, isn't it suppose to alert them in their user alerts? Is there a setting to have @User create an alert and/or send an email notification / link? (I ask because I don't think I've ever seen the @User on my forum or here alert me in any way.
Thanks much!!!


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Brilliant! That helped a lot, thanks Russ!

I just searched and found the setting in my account "Alert Preferences"

A follow up: I looked at my "Latest Alerts" page and even though I was tagged a few times in the past few days, I don't see any tag notices. It seems like something is blocking them from working / alerting.