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XF 1.2 mention bug?

user x mentions me.

user b quotes the post of user x

the alert shows

user x mentioned me
user b mentioned me

through user b only has quoted user x.

How do i fix this? I dont want quotes to trigger the mention for the user quoting. It gives false alert.


XenForo developer
Staff member
I've never seen this happen and there's no reason for it to happen with the design of the code. Can you show the posts where you got alerted twice? (Were they edited at all?)


Well-known member
The person who quoted you may have edited the quote to remove the USER tag and converted it back to a tag, I believe this would have alerted you.
Disable the add-on and test again. It's likely that is the case.
I disabled all plugins but the test is same. Mentions in quotes are still being alerted. Below results in alert for all users mentioned in quote with "user mentioned in this post"

[quote="Zarvan, post: 4982267, member: 38934"][IMG]https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/999799_10151952260889130_914888538_n.jpg[/IMG]
@[USER=15719]Aeronaut[/USER] @[USER=30226]Rafi[/USER] @[USER=25703]Areesh[/USER] @[USER=14956]Oscar[/USER] @[USER=2]WebMaster[/USER] @[USER=22700]DESERT FIGHTER[/USER] @[USER=9160]Xeric[/USER] @[USER=35647]RazPaK[/USER] @[USER=391]Spring Onion[/USER] and others[/quote]


Well-known member
There is no reason that should be alerting the user. If you send me a test account (or two) + ACP, FTP, Amanda Database access I can trouble shoot.