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XF 1.2 Members being asked to login again

In addition to our forum, we have a Facebook page where we also display occasional links. Typically, those links go to content that is only accessible by members.

Members are reporting that although they may be logged in at the forum, when they click on the link at the Facebook page they are seeing the "Error, you must be logged in to do that..." screen. I have advised members to click the "Stay logged in" box upon logging in the first time; however, that doesn't always solve the problem.

What is causing this and is there any way to correct the issue so that members do not have to re-login when clicking links? It typically bothers the members who are using the mobile site because it's a minor frustration to have to enter login details via mobile.


Well-known member
It's probably because they're sometimes using www and sometimes they're not.
This. I run the cookie fix myself. Back on vBulletin we ran a forward to www for non www due to some plugins and the whole cross domain ajax issue. Both are valid solutions with their own draw backs. The only issue I see with running the cookie config fix is if your test site is on a sub domain of that main domain you basically can't login.