Membercard styling guide

Membercard styling guide


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Shelley submitted a new resource:

Membercard styling guide (version v1) - This is a reference guide for those wanting to modify the text colours of the membercard

Summary: I thought I'd submit a membercard styling guide for those having trouble styling the text colours in the membercard.

Think of this as a base guide, you can see in the screenshows what elements are using what colour by referencing the css provided below making it a little easier for you to know what colour controls what element.

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.xenOverlay.memberCard .userInfo h3 a {
color: lime !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userTitle {

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Hey shelley been trying to change the background color to exactly the same as my forum background color but everytime i add it seems like it don't work. Here's my code kindly check please thanks! The one with red mark is the color that i want , should i use a number code instead?

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userInfo h3 a {
color: lime !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userTitle {
color: white !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userBlurb {
color : @tooltipBackground ; !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userBlurb .muted{
color: cyan !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userBlurb a {
color: magenta !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userInfo .status {
color: pink !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userLinks a {
color: blue !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userStats dt {
color: green !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .userStats dd {
color: purple !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .lastActivity dt {
color: orange !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .lastActivity dd {
color: yellow !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .lastActivity dd a {
color: lime !important; }

.xenOverlay.memberCard .lastActivity .DateTime {
color: red !important; }