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Member Notes - Allows admin to create member notes.


Allows admin to create member notes.

(Example of Member Notes link)

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(Example of Member Notes search page)

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(Example of Member Notes page)

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(Example of Member Card)

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Hi Andy.
This is just what I was looking for but it's not working for me .
I have XF 1.5 with standard theme, have some of your other add-ons installed could there be a conflict with them?
It installed ok and without warnings but there are no member notes links anywhere, not in the member menu or the member card, I've set the admin permissions to view.
Your other add-ons I have installed:

Export Thread.
Image Resizer.
New User Email.
Remove RSS

Is it only one field (char/text), means only one post?
I look for something to have a lot of posts from different mods with different opinions like in a normal thread.
I have a special reason for having member notes, but i need them readable for everyone, but writebale only for mods/admins.
Probably i can use this addon for this, but i should know:

Can i have it like the other public information with a tab?
Do i have one message (text or varchar?), can i have more than one messages there?
Is there any other addon doing what i need?
(I need something like:
- 01/04/2017 : George has won the prize for lala in March 2017
- 01/01/2017 :George has won the second place as a pizza cook in 2016

(and links inside the text also and pictures maybe hotlinked or attached?)
Any chance of seeing the notes previously entered just below the link to "Member Notes?" Or at least a * to show notes have been previously entered.
I believe I have found a bug with this addon. I'm using 1.1, the latest version.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to a member profile. Let's say the route is `/members/rocket0191.1`.
2. Click on "Member Notes" in the sidebar on the member's page. This directs you to `/members/rocket0191.1/membernotes/view`.
3. Click on the "Edit" link that appears at the top of that page. This directs you to `/members/rocket0191.1/membernotes/edit`.
4. Click on the "Cancel" button. This directs you to `/members/membernotes/view?username=rocket0191`.

Actual Result:
The result is that I'm directed to a page that doesn't appear to exist when I cancel editing a member's note.

Expected Result:
I get directed back to the proper page where I can view the member's notes again (at `/members/rocket0191.1/membernotes/view`).
I tried to have it into member_card or member_info as well.
It shows up but only the link to edit.
Not the preview of the message.
Means xen: raw $memberNotes is missing.

I use the same code you used to inject it into member_view.

I am not a coder so don't really know where is my fault.
Oh man, this was so close to perfect. I need it for my members to leave private notes on other members profiles. Everything with this works but everyone can see the notes posted by every member. If they could somehow be private so only the note poster sees their own note, that would be perfect.
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