Duplicate Member list sort options


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This is a real issue for me. My site has users that come and view but don't post. I used to be able to list when they came to the site. Now I have no ability to monitor members that stop by but don't post. It's very beneficial to new and smaller boards.


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No one uses this?

Sorting members from "last time on' is important. I've spoken to a lot of members here but they are just to shy to admit it. So I'll speak for them......


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You can sort by this criteria in the admin CP user search page (and filter to 0 posts, if you want).


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Expose what? The ability to edit the last visit time? Possibly.
Scratch that, Mike. I misunderstood the OP. The last activity is already exposed on profile page. For example, this is on Dean's profile page
Dean was last seen:
Today at 1:16 AM


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Hey guys, Vince I understand your comment. Point well taken. I just thought this was more of a hot topic.

Mike, thanks for the info. Though, please tell me you plan on putting a column for last visit in the member list that is sortable. This seems like a pretty basic function.



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I hope there will be a number of sortable columns in the Members list. I'd like to sort by name, post count, date joined, last post, etc.

I searched but couldn't find much discussion on this, is it on the roadmap?


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I'm moving this from [Suggestion] to [Demand].............

Seriously I'll pay a billion dollhairs if you implement this. What are we talking here, 10 lines of code? Help an Xf'er out............
It would be very nice to be able to sort through users according to their last connect. And to a lesser extent, their registration date.

I recently converted over from SMF and though I can't remember if that function was inbuilt, or a mod, I miss it. =)
Ah, glad I found this thread (thanks Brogan). I too would really appreciate being able to sort by a few crieria, last post, post count, date joined, etc being among the most important. I routinely viewed my memberlist in this way prior to my move over to xF, and I miss it. *fingers crossed* =)


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I never realised before that the member list isn't sortable.

Being able to sort it by registration date, post count, like count, trophy points, etc would be nice.