XF 2.1 Member List Sorting


In researching I saw an addon that is no longer supported and then also this thread back from 2011:

I tried to find that member.php and cant locate it anywhere to see if that still works.

Any plans to add this to core or is there a work around that will allow me to list our members based on post count or other criteria?

Thanks in advance!


I did an extended file search through all the xenforo files in the XF folder and there were no occurrences of the word:


Can anyone point me to where it sorts the registered member list?

Another solution that would work for me would be having the ability to list all members in the "Most Messages" link instead of only listing the top 20 or 21 members. In fact I just went into the admin section to USERS > List All Users and that would be ideal if I could have that on the front end. The ability to list all users and then sort them by most messages , last activity, etc.

So basically have the same pages/functionality on the user side as I have on the admin side for the user list.

Any help is appreciated thank you!