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My stats in the sidebar says there are 19081 members, yet the last member that registered today has an ID of 19434. That makes a difference of more than 350 members. I've deleted a few members in the past as spammers, but perhaps 20 or 30, nowhere near this many. Mind you this community started using phpnuke and was then converted to vbulletin before the xenForo era - not sure if that has to do anything with it.

Is there any way to somehow even these numbers as they create confusion to our members who are asking how many members we are and when we are reaching the 20,000 members milestone etc? Can I go back to the database and do any magic there to "fix" this?


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Can I go back to the database and do any magic there to "fix" this?
No you can't do that. The user_id is an auto incremented field, don't try to change the numbers in that field.

The Forum Statistics accurately tell you the number of registered members. If you want to know who the 20,000th member is, use phpMyAdmin.


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There is one way, but I wouldn't particularly recommend it.

Do a XenForo to XenForo import and don't retain IDs.


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Thanks for your replies fellows, looks like I'll have to just keep it as is.

What would you do? When would you say you've reached a member number milestone? When you have your 20,000th registration or when your stats say you now have 20,000 members?