XF 2.1 Adding Super Admin & Member ID's


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I need to add a Super-Admin to my freshly installed & freshly migrated Xenforo install. I need to add a Super-Admin (me)...and wanted to verify the process. I did read thru the FAQ list here...and did see that to add a Super Admin the config.php file needs to be edited by adding the member-id.

I did do some internet searches...and according to some of the search hits...adding a Super Admin is supposed to be possible via the AdminCP. Is this true...is this false...or is it true only for additional Super Admins...but the very first Super Admin needs to be added to the config.php file initially?

At the moment when I click on Groups & Permissions >> Administrators...I receive the message "You must be a super administrator to access this page. This can be configured in the Administrators section of the Admin CP."

2nd question. In vBulletin (where I'm coming from)..I knew where to find a members ID number in the AdminCP. Since I'm very new to Xenforo...I'm having trouble finding member ID's in the Xenforo AdminCP. If I search for a user in the AdminCP...I'm not seeing the member ID number anywhere.

Is this due to me not being a Super Admin at the moment...are member number ID's not listed in the AdminCP...do I need to go into the database directly to see member number ID's...or am I looking in the wrong area in the AdminCP?



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Oh each userID has their own xf_admin? That is what I wasn’t getting
Sorry...not correct. Need to view the xf_admin table of the database. The xf_admin table lists all admins. The is_super_admin column determines if an admin is a regular admin or a super admin.

0 = regular admin
1= super admin