XF 2.1 Member Count Wrong


I currently have 11,193 members but the widget_forum_stats says 9,532. I understand it's not counting the banned members but I would like it to show the entire total number of members I have in the database. Is there a way to do this?

I see this on the xF Forum index, too. Latest member is 216,309 but the member count says 144,563. Are there really 70k banned or other group member not being displayed?

Currently running 2.1.7
Can see this in all browsers and all skins (even with a new skin with outdated templates)
No other styles we have have outdated templates
Has been a known issue in all versions of xF we've had. We have a temp fix but I don't know if there a permanent one.
Add-ons installed: s9e/Mediasites, Tapatalk, Shoutbox, [DohTheme] RE-ME
U-Block browser extension is off for my site.