Restricting member links by post count


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I notice I am getting some members who are getting a bit link happy. For example, new members dropping links in their profile. Can I restrict profile links by post count?

Also, in the signature, some have 3 links. Can I also restrict that by post count?
Create a new user group (named "active" or similar) with full link permissions. Restrict link permissions in the "registeted" user group. Add user group promotion from registered to active (adds active as secondary group) when members reach your threshold post count.
Good to know, thanks. So if someone is in a user group that doesn't allow links in signatures (e.g. NewUser), adding a secondary user group that does allow signatures (e.g. User10+Posts) overrides the one that doesn't allow them?
Something else I do that might be helpful to you is manually approving posts that contain links if the user has less than X amount of posts. Go to 'options > spam management' and add /https?:|www\./i to the 'spam phrases' box. Above that box, set the threshold to whatever you want it to be.

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