XF 1.1 User Titles by post count, not trophy count?


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Is it possible to make user titles increase by post count instead of trophy count? The only way I've found a way to do this is to completely nullify the trophy system, which I hate doing b/c I like the idea of trophies. Right now, I just have a bunch of trophies that give people a certain amount of points for reaching X amount of posts & that's it. I can't use it for likes or being on the forum for a certain amount of time or anything else for that matter b/c I want the user titles to be increased by post count.

Any help would be wonderful.


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I searched and couldn't find anything that would really help you here. I know James and floren queried about the user title but I'm sure this is going to require an add-on. I could be mistaken and your probably best waiting for Brogan or Jake to reply.