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Member Card View Permissions 1.0

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Chris D

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As it's a default XenForo option you can set the default registration value and then remove that option from the template to prevent it being changed. Probably doesn't need an add-on, to be honest.


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Woooooo! If anyone wants to see the threads I pleaded and begged for this addon here:

Member Card Privacy:

Addon Request: Member Card Privacy:

Feature Suggestion: Member Card To Reflect Privacy Setting:

I Miss Brogan (Last Ditch Effort):

Brogan comments (lol):

Chris Deeming To The Rescue!!!!!

Chris D

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This add on completely reflects the existing user profile privacy in the users privacy options. The options are:

Show my profile to:
No one
Members only
People I follow only


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FYI You can still start convos and ignore people who are set on private.

You just gotta hover over som menus and click the following links.

(If they set their convo settings to 'people you follow only' then you won't be able to start a convo with them if they don't follow you)

Screenshots from (I asked the admin to add this addon to his site since people are really big about privacy on there).
convo.jpg ignore2.jpg how to ignore part 2.jpg


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Hey Chris how hard or easy would it be to let this addon use the 'Members Only' or 'People You Follow Only' option when viewing a member's avatars in threads?

I don't mean by replacing the existing avatar, but with a permission for a member's only avatar set with a custom user field such as in my Member's Only Avatar's addon


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Run that by me again...

If it's set to "Members Only" what would happen to their avatar?
The addon I posted only shows your default avatar to guests. For instance, the avatar we have now.

The addon I posted lets you add a link to a pic that you can put in your personal details section.

That pic would then show for members only inside threads, your sidebar user info, profile page and member's card instead of the default avatar.

You know what #$%#$it I'll just add screenshots to that addon. :ROFLMAO:


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You want to know why I bumped the thread? I'll just show you my train-of-thought instead.

*sees member card thread bumped by someone else*

*noticed that I made a post in that thread complaining about member cards*

*realizes that Chris Deeming made an addon to address the issue I complained about*

*quotes my own post with a link to your add-on*

*thinks, hey that awesome addon is so awesome it deserves a thread bump*

*Instead of posting a random 'Thanks again for this Chris, just reminding you how awesome you are", posts member card thread link*