XF 1.3 Member card report


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How would I go on about adding "report" option to our member cards?
for instance, I know people can report members going directly to the member's profile
but not directly when one clicks on a avatar and the members card hovers up/opens
like so

I would like to add a

option to the member card.
So when one were to click on report from the member's card this will open/hover up

just like it does normally from the members "report" option on ones profile.
Any help would be much appreciated, thank you :)


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You could try copying the code for the report link in the member_view template and pasting it wherever you want it to appear in the member_card template.


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That won't work as the check for "can report" isn't available in the member card.

Why do you need it in the member card?
I can't think of a reason why you would need to report using the member card, rather than the post or profile link.


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@Amaury I've tried that, does not work.
@Brogan I thought it would make a nice customization to the members card/help out our members, although you suggested it wont work, so I wont bother with it xD
Thanks for the suggestions/help guys