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I have been looking to install a Wiki system into my forum. I have tried an XenForo add on but I was not happy with how it worked. I am now thinking of using MediaWiki. Does anyone know if using this would pose any issues? Here is the link to the site which offers the program. http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki This is the site where I plan to implement the wiki: www.TheVideoGameForum.com
No problems encountered, there is even a xenforo <-> mediawiki bridge, that while it could use some touching up, works.


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Is there a bandwidth issue with using this program?
Only if your wiki gets hit a lot, and is heavily customized. We use a heavily customized wiki on our site (www.entropiaplanets.com), where we run several dozens of extensions, including Semantic MediaWiki. The latter allows us to query data in ways a normal Wiki would not allow.

That functionality does add additional burden to the server, but in general, I'd say you ought to be alright combining the two. As mentioned before, there is a XenForo - Wiki bridge (which happens to be our product) that ensures all XenForo users can login into the wiki without having to create a seperate account.

The developer for it currently seems to be MIA, but I hope to hear back from him soon-ish so we can get an updated version out.