Fixed Media Tools Error On Touch Devices/Touch Enabled Browsers


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On touch devices (such as smartphones) and on touch enabled browser (Chrome for example - using a touchscreen), the option to "tag members in media" does not show. However, there is still an empty drown-down displayed, while it should be hidden in such a case. This caused me to think it was an error and the trailing discussion can be found here.

Steps To Reproduce:
  1. Visit any media item on a touch device (we used android devices with Chrome as our browser) or touch enabled browser (on XenForo Media Section)
  2. The "Media Tools" option appears, however on click it shows nothing inside it (screenshot).

The media options should be hidden in such a case (especially on OTHERS media where you don't have permission to do anything else than tag).
The user tagging system doesn't support touch devices, so we hide that button if we detect a touch device.

That detection is client side, so by then it's potentially too late to hide the menu (unless we write additional client side code to do so).

I'm tempted to solve it by putting something in the Media Tools menu that is always visible (so we never have a blank menu) or moving that out of the menu so this doesn't crop up.
Thanks. We've fixed this - we now display the items in the menu regardless but display an error if you try to use them on a touch device.
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