Lack of interest Media Gallery New Posts on Forum Home

Sorry, I couldn't decide whether or not to post this as a Media Gallery suggestion or a Xenforo suggestion.

On the forum home, if you turn on the Recent Media option (we have it positioned above the forums), you get the newest uploads, but some of my members are telling me that they like to look at random images (we have about 125,000 uploads).

My suggestion, is to have a toggle at the top of that block to select "random" or "new" media items for viewing.

Before we changed to XF we did have a random option on the other platform, and I guess that people enjoyed that more than I realized (based on comments that I am getting).

Thanks for listening. :)
Thank you. As a suggestion, it might be nice to show new media at the top of the forum and random ones in the sidebar (or vice versa).

Thanks again.