MG 1.1 Media Gallery Import from vB4?

Sean Engle

Hello -

I'm in the middle of testing, and have imported our user galleries from vB4 along with all the other stuff, and was wondering what to do with them now. Is there a resource that outlines how to take the galleries (which are now threads) and import them into MG?


Chris D

XenForo developer
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Why are they are now threads?

The official VB4 importer for XF doesn't touch vBulletin albums content. If you're using an unofficial importer, you should just skip the albums step.

To import vB albums content into XFMG, you should use the "XFMG: Import from vBulletin 4 Albums" importer.

Sean Engle

Hi - back at work on this site testing...

Chris, could you give me a link to the importer above? I'll pull that down and use it - I just cannot seem to locate it.

Thanks both of you -



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You already have it. Its included in XenForo Media gallery. Just go to /admin.php?import/ and select "XFMG: Import from vBulletin 4 Albums"
Its near the bottom of the list.