MG 2.2 Media Gallery causing excessive database load


We've noticed that XFMG is causing an undue load on our database. The most common XFMG queries account for more than half our database CPU time, despite requests numbering in the low hundreds of thousands over a 7-day period. Meanwhile, the XF core and our numerous other add-ons make hundreds of millions of requests without issue in the same time period.

Recently, XFMG has caused spikes to 100% CPU usage on our very large DB (10 vCPUs and 64GB RAM), which in turn causes response delays that ultimately result in load balancer timeouts and site downtime. Disabling XFMG stops the 100% spikes altogether and drops our typical baseline CPU usage from ~25% to ~10%.

While our XFMG install is quite large (over 30k pages of content on the index), it remains our least commonly used feature. That said, a number of our diehard members do use the add-on and, as we can all agree, this kind of passionate member is key to any community. With all that in mind, I'm wondering: is there any chance of optimization in the near future? Or are there perhaps some steps we could take to reduce the load caused by XFMG? We would like to continue using the add-on, as we do have users interacting with it and a large number of historical records we'd like to retain.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!
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