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Didn't know if this went into feedback section, or hosting section... Mods, please move to appropriate section if necessary.

When a group of us got together to start a forum, we had tried several softwares and various hosting options.

I can honestly say, these guys have the best costumer service I have seen yet. I could swear to you, there must be a guy paid to just sit in front of a computer 24hrs a day and respond to tickets within (minutes!?!)... It's honestly crazy.

There is one guy there, I think his name is Michael, the guy is on the freaking ball... Whatever he is paid, needs to be paid more. Tim has also been awesome.

Setting up my forum was a breeze, with no problems from the get go. Service is top notch, what more can I ask for?

Most of the time people complain, I just wanted to kudos to this company and a shutout, anyone setting up their forums... Really consider this hosting company!!!