XF 1.2 Max number of Category/Forums

The short questions is, have I reached the max number of forum/category entries into my Xenforo site?

The site in question is www.ToyoSolutions.com

I'm setting it up to be a forum where people can search based on a breakdown of the Model then Generation and then information they are searching for. Example (please take a look at the site breakdown yourself for clarification)...

Make= Scion
Model= Scion Xa
Generation= 2004-2006

Then the information is broken down into 2 categories with 16 forums. This is just for an ease of information breakdown and seems logical to me.

The problem I ran into is that I can't add anymore Categories or Forums. It seems to have stopped at 500 of 500 and wont let me add anymore.

Have I stretched Xenforo too far?

Thanks in advance for the help or any ideas.


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I've just done a cursory check of the code and can't see a hard coded limit of 500 anywhere.

What error/response are you getting when you try to add a new node?


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The limit is in the node_list admin template:)

<xen:if is="{$nodeCount} < 500">
               <xen:popup title="{xen:phrase create_new_elipses}">
                 <xen:link href="{xen:adminlink 'nodes/add', '', 'parent_node_id={$node.parent_node_id}'}">{xen:phrase sibling_node}</xen:link>
                 <xen:link href="{xen:adminlink 'nodes/add', '', 'parent_node_id={$node.node_id}'}">{xen:phrase child_node}</xen:link>
Please bear with me if I'm not clear on this but I was able to add a category or forum under the Node tree and then Add but that option has disappeared.

After the last entry #500. the option disappears....

Is there a fix for this? I have put way too much time and energy into this..... :)
Well, I'm at a standstill on this till I find a fix or work around. I cannot begin to tell you the lengths that I have gone through in trying to get a website like this up and running. Pulled my hair out :mad:

I hired people on Freelancer, Odesk, Reddit (r/forhire) and they all just were fails with $,$$$ and time wasted. :sick: I thought that using Xenforo would help me and allow me to pursue what I have a passion for.

Is there a fix or work around?


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You can edit the admin template and remove or increase the limit but I would wait for a response from Mike as to why it is there in the first place.

As stated, you can still create nodes using the button at the top of the page.
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I see. Thanks for all the help guys and I will wait for Mike's response (if he chooses too). Maybe they will change this limitation in a future Xenforo Update like 1.3 I am really not familiar using that method but I guess I'll have to learn. I tend to learn using Brute Force/Trial and Error. :rolleyes:


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I believe that setting of 500 is only there for the Display Node Tree for performance reasons (admin side). You can still click any category/forum you already have and add a new child or sibling from that screen as well.


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It's solely a browser performance thing. As mentioned, you can still create nodes beyond that but we hide the extra popups.

In most situations, I would suggest that creating hundreds of distinct forums may not be the ideal setup from the end user stand point. You can use things like prefixes to distinguish the last tier of forums. Personally, I'd rather see 100 threads in a forum than just a few threads spread out amongst many.