MG 2.0 Large numbers of albums within a large number of categories


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I'm considering a change for ZooChat to force our users to create an album every time they want to upload photos to one of our zoo categories.

Typical use case is: user visits a zoos, take a heap of photos, comes home and then uploads a bunch of them (sometimes hundreds at a time) to the gallery. At the moment, they all go into a single category for that zoo (so some categories have many thousands of photos, which make it cumbersome to manage).

I'm hoping that by having each batch of photos in its own album will have the effect of making this easier to use and manage - photos will naturally be grouped into a "visit" and so we'll have a category full of "visit" albums.

Any gotchas?

We have over 2,500 categories, and there are likely to be hundreds of these albums created in each category.

I don't think I'm able to create albums on behalf of users am I? I will make a suggestion for that - would be very useful for cleanup here.

Chris D

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Any gotchas?
Simply, no, not really.

Obviously if you start to see performance suffer then we can address that at the time, but the majority of the code for displaying a list of albums etc. is the same as it is now.