MG 2.1 Media moved out of category and now missing?


Hi...I had wanted to move a user's album out of a category and into the default album/media pool. Unfortunately it didn't appear that was possible so I thought if I remove the category from the album, it would relocate to the default media pool. Well not only did it not work, I can't seem to find the album now...Under "Media" on the User's profile page it states "11" total media items but when clicking on it, only 3 items actually appear (those three items are not part of the missing album).

I've rebuilt all the caches I believe are related to this media item number and it still states that there are 11 yet as I mentioned, only 3 are actually visible.

Does anyone know where the missing images could be? I'm pretty sure I did not delete them. Is there anyway to retrieve these images?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Update...I believe I’ve found them via the Admin CP > Media > Batch update > Media and performing a search utilizing the username.

Unfortunately when I click on one of the images / media files...I see “Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.”.

Time to check permissions...
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