MattWService - Recommendation


Earlier this year I decided we needed to move the forum from IPBoard due to a few problems including slow speeds etc so along with the new XF software we decided that we would add to that a new server from Linode and have assistance in the form of MattW.

I read on here how good Matt is and decided to message Matt on his site Matt was brilliant helped by answering numerous questions, nothing was too much trouble for him. He explained in easily understood terminology, his interpretation of what was required and it was spot on, his IT knowledge is evident the forum is running brilliantly.

When I did the transfer over I had issues importing from the supplied backup file, I had just about chucked the towel in with the problems we were having and about ready to just fold the forum (naturally after suffering laptop rage and wanting to throw it in the bin!) but Matt stepped into the breach and sorted all the problems out got us transferred over in no time at all the site was down minimal time and everybody back on line faster than first anticipated, this was all done in the middle of the night..

Forum is "flying" along.

Matt ensures that the system is seamlessly flowing at optimum speed and we've had zero issues since we transferred to XF and added Matt to assist with the server management.

Can't recommend him highly enough, and exceptionally reasonably priced too :) happy dayz!