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[MattW] Show / Hide Similar Threads 1.0.2

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MattW submitted a new resource:

[MattW] Show / Hide Similar Threads - Show / Hide Similar Threads at bottom of thread

This adds a new functionality to the Show Similar Threads On Thread Creation

I wanted to keep the results hidden unless a member was looking for them, so I've used the ShowHide jquery script to enable this.

By default, related threads are now hidden, allowing members to expand them.

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Clicking the Similar Threads title bar then expand the results out...

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Actually, it's my fault, I've forgot 1 folder depth on the jquery folder

It should go in js/jquery/

I'll re-upload the .zip now.


I installed this add-on but does not appear in the below of the messages or any other place. What's wrong? :/

P.S: My English is not good, so sorry...