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Sincere apologies, ignore or delete - I was looking for an option in the ACP. A search on the forums for similar topics suggested that the db queries were required. However, I've found the option in the front end itself, above the top right.


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Admin CP > Applications > Batch Update Threads
mmmhhhh... I do not get this. How can I move all the threads within one forum to another forum? If I look at this batch update, I can not see a field where to put the target forum in which I want to move all threads.

Or is the field "title" for the target forum ID?



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I found in another thread this SQL query:

To move all threads/posts in a particular forum to another one, you would run the following sql query in phpmyadmin:


UPDATE xf_thread SET node_id = 123 WHERE node_id = 456;

123 being the ID of the new forum, and 456 being the ID of the old forum. (Thanks to Mike for the query)

Then you would go to your ACP > Tools > Rebuild Caches > Rebuild Thread Information & Rebuild Forum Information.
Still I would prefer a solution in the ACP...

Chris D

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The first page of "Batch Update Threads" is your search criteria. Once you click "Search" at the bottom, you will then be given a chance to preview the threads which have been found and then choose what action you want to take with them.